Roadside Assistance Services

Roadside Assistance Services

Round-the-clock emergency roadside recovery services

All-in-One Service

We provide a complete range of services for your roadside emergencies.

24/7 Assistance

We have emergency fleet and mechanics available to help 24 hours every day of the year.

Immediate Response

Our network of qualified mechanics will assist you in the shortest time possible islandwide.


Achieve peace of mind knowing that reliable service and assistance are available – 24 hours a day. Support is just a phone call away, whether it’s a flat tyre or an empty tank.

We offer a full range of emergency roadside assistance services as one of the leading car breakdown services company. And, no matter how serious your vehicle breakdown is, through our skilled professionals and advanced equipment, we can fix and start your car.

Emergency Recovery Service

Most of the time if your car breaks down, you can’t be sure exactly what the problem is. It may be a problem with car batteries that can be fixed with a quick replacement of car batteries, or a flat tyre in Singapore that needs repair of mobile tyres. These are relatively minor problems that can be addressed on the road right there, and you can move on quickly. We do light work on such things and get you back on the road in no time. Often, however, you can face problems on the side of a road that can not be solved. We have a 24-hour towing service for those cases that are readily available wherever you need it.

Whether it’s a dead car battery or a deeper issue, you may not be sure, but you don’t have to be. Only call us, and in less than 45 minutes our tow truck will be with you, no matter where you are in Singapore. Now, they’re going to analyse the situation, understand what needs to be done, and clearly explain what’s wrong with your car. If you can’t replace the tire, and you can’t start or replace the car battery, they can arrange for you to be towed to the nearest place where you can get support.

All-in-One Service

Our team will manage everything from recovery to eventually towing your car if necessary. So we’re here to make all your worries vanish and get you off the burden of such breakdowns. Also, our emergency roadside assistance programs ensure complete satisfaction when treating your car breakdown so that your vehicle will be completely safe in the hands of our experts and will be ready to hit the roads again in a short time.

Our professionals can manage any vehicle with the know-how. The tow trucks we use are of the highest quality and even the heaviest of vehicles are capable of towing. Your vehicle’s safety is our primary concern and you can rest assured that during the towing process your vehicle will never be harmed in any way. Our vehicles ‘ service standard is top-notch, ensuring optimum towing reliability.

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Fastest Islandwide Assistance

You can depend on us to come to your rescue if you’re on the road and your car breaks down, veers off the road, or just stops running. If you’re in a carpark and your vehicle won’t start, whether it’s in an open, indoor or underground zone, or a restricted area location, we can still get to your rescue with a special low, tow truck.

We know the interior of Singapore’s roads and traffic levels and you can always trust us to find the fastest route to your destination without compromising the safety of your vehicle. We’re going to bring your car to your destination. All of this will be available to you with just a call and a very affordable fee.

Within 30 minutes and 60 minutes, we can hit some of the outer areas. We have 24-hour islandwide towing facilities to rely on. If we can’t restore your car to a roadworthy operation, we’re going to tow it to a place of your choice.

Towing Service

Our tow trucks can carry your front wheel, back wheel, or all-wheel drive vehicle to a nearby neighbourhood or any other Singapore destination. If you don’t know where to get your vehicle towed, we can store your vehicle safely in our holding lot until you can pick it up. Contact our team any time to be reassured your vehicle will be in safe hands.

You won’t have to worry about waiting for an extended time. We would effectively take care of your transport needs and your vehicle’s towing needs. While our duty for service is to tow your car, during all service calls, your safety is also a major consideration.

Battery jump start

To provide a jump-start, our qualified technician will be dispatched. If it is not possible to drive the car safely, towing services are offered. Our qualified technicians are fitted with professional-grade jump start cables plus a high rated Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) battery for starting your vehicle. After the beginning of the jump start, we will also test your car battery and the car battery charging system.

Please get us to start your car and not do it by yourself casually. It’s because we have the professional equipment and high CCA battery to do the job for you that can protect the car batteries and make sure your car won’t stop the next day due to damaged car batteries or alternators. When the car starts, there is a strong electrical current stream, we would like to make sure our customers are safe and we don’t want their precious car to experience any harm during an emergency jump start.

Battery Replacement Service

Car battery repair is one of the car breakdown products that we provide and mount a 1-year/6-month warranty car battery. Therefore, irrespective of where you are in Singapore, our mechanics will arrive in about 30 minutes and replace your flat car battery with a new one.

Other emergencies we can assist with

Flat-tyre change & repair

If your car has a flat tyre, our technician will try to remove it in a safe environment and mount a spare tyre (when available). If your car has no spare tyre, or if the spare can not be worked safely, towing service will be offered.

Very often car breakdown occurs due to punctured tyres and can be dangerous if you are driving out on the road. While this happens often, it is very frustrating to change it on your own especially if you don’t have the right tools and equipment. However, not to worry because we can replace or patch your tyre within minutes also at a very reasonable price.

Furthermore, our tyre patching is of high quality and durability which will ensure safety throughout the rest of your car tyre’s lifespan. So, contact us wherever you are in Singapore if you need our car breakdown services are here for you at your convenience.

Lock-out service

If your keys are stuck inside your car, our 24-hour support team will try to help you get back on the road. Our trained technician or ambulance service can be deployed at your request in an attempt to gain access to your vehicle to retrieve your keys. You are, however, solely responsible for any loss or damage that may result from this attempt to enter. Photo identification will be required at the scene to provide added security for the vehicle owner.

If your vehicle connection is insufficient, the entrance to the designated service center will be towed. This tow is going to be at your own expense. The service does not include the costs of components, labor and/or repair.

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