Battery Replacement Services

Battery Replacement Services

24/7 Professional battery replacement and jump start services

Car Battery Replacement

Replace your car battery at our workshop for the most hassle free arrangement.

Roadside Mobile Car Battery Replacement

We provide fast & reliable 24hrs on-site mobile car battery replacement services.

Roadside Mobile Car Battery Jump Start Services

We provide onsite jump start service to send you on your way.


We are professional car mechanics specialising in the repair and jump start services of car batteries. We are committed to modern ways of serving and providing our customers with dedicated service. We make sure that we arrive at your place within 20-45 minutes or even earlier and that we will alert you before making an appointment without over-promising service before 10 minutes otherwise.

Our mechanics are equipped with the required skills and equipment to efficiently install on-site car battery, conduct car battery jump start and last but not least car repair and car tyre replacement for all forms of vehicles like cars, vans, lorries and even super cars. We offer all of our customers the best affordable and cheap change car battery cost. We ensure that all of our quoted rates are clear to gain confidence, appreciation and credibility in this market for all of our valued customers.

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Car Battery Replacement Specialists

Our group has the requisite skills to switch car batteries and repair complicated flat car battery problems for all kinds of vehicles like cars, buses, lorries, trucks. We are proud to have a large stock of car batteries and we can offer our customers quality car battery products with instant availability for all types of cars with economies of scale.

We call for car battery replacement, we use genuine parts and branded batteries. In delivering on-time services round the clock, we have achieved excellent customer satisfaction. So if you want to change car battery, emergency car battery service or just need jump-start services, contact us.

Emergency Car Battery Replacement Service

Have you ever been stuck outside because it seems that you can’t get your vehicle started? There are many reasons why it doesn’t matter how hard you’re trying to get going, but it just fails miserably. Okay, a faulty / flat car battery is the most common problem. If your batteries are over a year old, they may be due to a replacement of a car battery. You may have forgotten to turn off your headlights or your newly-installed car camera recorder or other electronic gadgets used up your car battery power.

We will provide you with our approximate time of arrival at your location and the respective cost of the car battery for your vehicle after engaging us for a car battery service. With many years of experience, you can be confident that our helpful car battery experts can treat your vehicle with the utmost professionalism.

We will first evaluate the situation at your place and decide if the problem is with your car battery with a multimeter car battery. And if your car battery is indeed faulty or flat after the diagnosis, we will replace a car battery and configure the clock and ECU settings of your vehicle. Our mechanic will proceed to check your car battery, alternator diagnosis , clock & ECU settings. The car battery replacement service can be completed within 15 minutes, and you can hit the road again with the brand new car battery installed.

Scheduled Car Battery Replacement Service

We assume that many car owners in Singapore know their car very well and they certainly don’t want to stop their cars while they’re on the road or in the middle of something important. Therefore, arrange a replacement service for car batteries with us when your car battery is over a year old is a wise choice.

You can schedule a replacement car battery to a place and time where it’s best for you. Our qualified technicians can bring a brand new car battery and all the necessary equipment at your chosen location and time to check and fix your car battery.

Both our mechanics are well qualified and will clarify the whole process of changing the car battery before they start working on your vehicle. You will also confirm that all the car electronics settings are as stable as possible when replacing the old car battery with the new one. When the new car battery is in place, our professional mechanics will also double check your car charging system (the alternator) to ensure that the car battery functions perfectly and that it is in the best possible condition.

When Should You Replace Your Car Batteries

Typically, though, the life span seems to be over 5 years, if you were to drive daily, replacing car battery every 2 years would be a good thing.

  • The cranking of your engine takes longer than usual when starting your vehicle
  • Little to no power to your appliances and accessories
  • Interior lights flicker when you are starting the engine
  • Interior lights and headlights become dimmer

How To Prevent Car Batteries From Being Drained

Many people don’t know what causes them to repeat the issue. Let us share the knowledge on how to avoid unknowingly draining your battery power. Share with your mates now if you know it!

Lights and Accessories

Do not forget to turn off all your interior lights and headlights or any powered device after driving as that would drain your batteries.

Dashboard Battery Logo Indicator

If you see your vehicle dashboard dashboard battery icon flashing or blinking, it means that the alternator is no longer charging using the battery power. Even if the battery logo light up, you will still be able to drive. You may need to seek help to replace your empty batteries, though, it has been completely drained.

Ageing Batteries

Battery has a shelf life that has been mentioned earlier. Once it gets old, there may not be a complete charge that allows all the symptoms to occur. Diagnosis your battery now or upgrade your car battery regularly to prevent any battery-related problems.

Corroded Terminal

Eventually, corrosion will occur as it is a natural occurrence and will greatly affect the charging capacity. You can look to use some basic items to clean the terminal yourself, but don’t let other chemicals go inside the device. One last thing, the connection to the terminal must be secure, otherwise you will have a lot of problems afterwards.

Urgent Jump Start Service

The first thing that comes to mind when a car battery is defective is either to fix it or to initiate a battery jump, but you wouldn’t know what the better course of action would be. You may even think that starting a battery jump would help solve the problem, but what if the problem is not in the battery? These assessments are not as easy to they layman, however a quick assessment by our trained mechanics will find out the next course of action.

Our qualified mechanics are fitted with professional jump starting cables plus a high quality Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) battery to start your vehicle. After the beginning of the hop, we will also test your car battery and the car battery charging system. When the CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) is below a certain value, you will have to remove the car battery otherwise, the symptom will continue in the future even after the end of the car battery jump service because the battery will not be able to hold the charge. You’re going to have to spend extra money again! You certainly don’t want it to happen!

Please get us to start your car and not do it by yourself casually. It’s because we have the professional equipment and high CCA battery to do the job for you that will protect the car batteries and make sure your car doesn’t start the next day due to damaged car battery or alternator. When the car starts, there is a strong electrical current stream, we want to make sure our customers are safe and we especially don’t want their precious car to experience any harm during an emergency jump start.

Avoid Dangers Of Doing Jump Start Yourself

Performing car battery jump start is always cost saving but there are inherent risks of damage to your car equipment if it is not being carried out properly and correctly. Watching a professional perform a jump start might look easy but bear that in mind that car circuit board and electronics are all very sensitive to electrical current. For example, when you bypass the car battery and start a battery jump, any circuit board can cause a short circuit or burn out. When that happens, you’ll have to pay a few hundred bucks instead of that small amount of jump starting service money to replace it.

For worse cases, batteries with poor conditions like leakage or crack might even cause injury due to explosion if you do not practice the basic safety precautions.

Charging a dead battery

Start the working car now and wait 1 to 5 minutes to charge the dead battery. Reviving the engine will help to load. Try to start the dead battery vehicle after a short time and wait and attempt again if it fails again. You will have to call for a battery replacement specialist if several tries of jump start does not work. If it works, please carefully remove the jumper cable. Drive for a while the revived battery vehicle for charg

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