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Express Towing was founded in 1996 and has evolved from humble beginnings into one of the longest and most reliable, modern emergency breakdown repairers and towing service providers in Singapore islandwide over more than 20 years years.


If repairs are not possible on-site or if your vehicle is immobilised due to serious damage, you can rely on us to ensure that your vehicle is transported safely to the nearest licensed workshop, garage or service station.

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Emergency Roadside Recovery

It’s easy to find support in the morning, but if it occurs at night, a car battery loss that causes a breakdown is tricky. That’s why we’re available at any time of the day to help. Whether you’re on your way to the office or coming back from a late night case, we’re going to make sure you get your car battery replacement completed with the least possible lag. Just give us a call whenever the need arises and you can trust that we’ll be there.


Fast and Reliable

In addition to being there at all times of the day, we are committed to getting to you quicker than anyone else. We have a 24-hour fleet of on-site Emergency Mobile Recovery Vehicles deployed in various zones across Singapore, which will be sent directly to your place as soon as you call and explain your situation. Our response time makes it much quicker for clients to get back on the road, minimising further inconvenience to their lives.


Professional Service

We agree that the last thing someone is asking for is the help of some incompetent amateurs with little technical knowledge with a dead car battery. The team is a carefully selected and well-trained group of professionals capable of handling all types of technical issues and treating clients with the respect they deserve. Our teams are armed with all the necessary tools and the fault is resolved very quickly. In fact, all this is done at the cheapest price, which is very economical and affordable.


Quality Products

Our service’s expertise level is complemented by the quality of the products we use. Whether it’s for fixing tyres or replacing car batteries, we only use authentic and durable items from reliable brands such as Amaron, Globatt and Hoppecke which come with on-site warranty for 12 months. We only use genuine and durable products so that our clients are unlikely to suffer unnecessary inconvenience on the road.

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